Soteria for Nurses

For Nurses

  • Full access to the information you need.
  • Full functionality to support your daily routine.
  • Talk, tap or type your progress reports, nursing assessments and high care templates.
  • Document a patient’s condition, and update any vitals or indicators in real time.
  • Teams can work on a single consolidated note.
  • Can be customized according to specific workflow.
  • Accurate documentation and sharing of information.

Through Soteria™’s nursing notes, you can work the way you want, enjoy the tool you use, allow technology to fit around your workflow.

Create nursing clinical documentation with specialized template

Soteria clinical documentation templates can be configured to suit your nursing documentation requirements; providing you with the clinical note structure you need to make capturing clinical information quick and easy.

Manage Nursing Tasks

Soteria Tasks enable you to assign and track nursing tasks as well as improve communication between service providers to ensure timely task execution.

Track Medications from order to administration with an electronic medication administration Record (EMAR)

Using Soteria, you can automate processes for ordering and distributing medications and track their administration at a patient level while updating the relevant clinical documentation. System alerts notify you of overdue or missed medications, recent changes, or missing medication signatures. By automating the process, Soteria can help eliminate errors and improve the quality of patient care and administration processes.

Place and manage Nursing orders

Order nursing care plans and manage submitted orders using Soteria order entry tools.
Nursing task notifications help you track orders and ensure correct and timely administration.