Soteria for Administrators

For Administrators

  • Soteria™ adds a seamless, efficient layer across host systems and locations to collect, report and share clinical data and treatment history.
  • Soteria’s universal tracking and coding eliminates duplication, ensures accuracy and simplifies revenue cycle management.
  • Soteria™ differentiates itself from traditional competitors through intuitive and clearly defined solutions to manage clinical activities in healthcare facilities.

Manage users, roles, and permissions

Control who can access the Soteria™ system, what information is available to them, and which tasks they are allowed to perform by managing their clinical or administrative roles. While role management enables you to manage permissions according to best-practice methods, fine-grained permissions are available to enable you to customise user access rights for special cases. Emergency access can also be granted at role level.

Create and control clinical note templates and defaults

Set up and maintain clinical note templates and control user access, based on clinical roles, using the clinical notes administration tools and Soteria™ permissions.

Manage electronic health records (ehr) and clinical visit information streamline patient and account holder registration

The Soteria™ patient and account holder registration wizard enables you to accept data from incumbent EHRs, applies duplicate checking to ensure that only one patient record is created per patient, and enables you to register patients quickly in regular as well as emergency environments.

Manage system setup and security manage the organisation structure

Healthcare environments are complex but working in them shouldn’t be. Soteria™’s organisation structure administration tools enable you to mirror your clinical environment digitally and set up business rules to make it easy for clinicians to locate patients and transfer them between locations, while enabling you to control their access to patient information by managing their location permissions.

Set up and maintain service provider accounts

Add and maintain data relating to service providers who are users of the system as well as any providers who are not users but play a part in one or more patients’ care processes using Soteria™ ‘s service provider administration wizard.

Run and customize detailed reports

Powerful reporting functionality gives you access to patient, process, and system information that can be used to monitor operations and system activity, while the report configuration tool enables system administrators to customise reports in order to meet their organisational reporting requirements.

Technology differentiator

Soteria™ is a Greenfield solution and does not need to contend with legacy code and systems, can leverage the most modern technologies, incorporate the latest coding conventions (including ICD-10), mobile computing and end user design trends and legislation requirements prescribed by ARRA, HITECH, CCHIT, HIPAA and PHI. Soteria™ is in a unique position to take advantage of the most modern technologies available and offer the following technological benefits:

  • Web based – rich browser and mobile platform presentation
  • Incorporating mobile and tablet technology, such as iOS
  • Modular, scalable and flexible design;
  • The ability to integrate with 3rd party software systems layer interface; Android;
  • Easy to learn, usage adoptability is promoted through highly
  • Incorporating a centralized multi-coding engine to support
  • Driving activity based costing ensuring real-time financial
  • Incorporating the power of natural language processing
  • Reduced cost of ownership;

Solution differentiator

  • Utilization of dual voice recognition ensures pro-active real-time detailed clinical data capturing and facilitates the use of evidence based clinical decision support alerts.
  • Utilize predictive analytics proactively to formulate suggestions and alerts with algorithms prompting real-time decision support ensuring interactive response from unstructured data input to optimize patient care.
  • The goal will be to eliminate typing and ensure continuous patient eye contact during the patient-physician consultation, knowing that the Soteria™ EHR will electronically document unstructured data to optimize patient care. The physician’s personal “mental template” becomes the guiding template in all clinical content and clinical notes
  • A tried and tested platform that will fast track implementation and integration saving project cost and time;
  • The right information, at the right time to the right audience, presented through modern, intuitive, intelligent and informative user interface in a meaningful manner enabling healthcare facilities staff to make informed decisions quicker.
  • in the appropriate and meaningful format to support pharmacological detection, assessment, decisions, outcomes and cost,