Key Differentiators

Infocare provides the first next generation intelligent clinical information system and user interface, that works like clinicians think, to help improve patient care and enhance the efficiency of both clinicians and administrators.

Technology Differentiators

Advanced Natural Language Processing extracts structured and unstructured data from clinician documentation - accurate automated coding of terminology. The cloud-based system provides an agile, highly intuitive and modular user interface. Specialty-specific individual customization – work the way clinicians want to work, with minimal maintenance. Fully synchronized enterprise-wide integration supports all clinical and administrative functions.

Solution Differentiators

Provides a universal presentation layer, break EHR lock in. Intuitive user-customizable interface to increase clinician satisfaction and efficiency. Physician focused, easy to use, Feel empowered. True personalized patient centric medicine. Work dynamically, involve the patient. Communicate effectively, improve collaboration, partner easily.

Company Differentiators

Infocare is a company of culture that promotes innovation. We recognize the importance of having effective end-to-end business processes, which provide the foundation for the implementation of software applications.